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WSU Professor Cleared of Wrongdoing in Ethics Investigation


WSU Professor Barry Moore, who was investigated for possible ethics violations, was cleared of wrongdoing by the state Executive Ethics Board (EEB). Dr. Moore was represented by attorney Sean M. Phelan.

Dr. Moore taught the scuba program at WSU for thirty years before the program was discontinued at the end of December 2015. Dr. Moore’s business, Clearwater Scuba, began providing scuba equipment sales and rentals to WSU students in 1987 when the equipment was badly deteriorated and WSU was unable to find any vendors willing to provide the necessary equipment. The Physical Education Department faculty unanimously approved a proposal from Dr. Moore for Clearwater to provide scuba equipment rentals in order to maintain the scuba program.

This initial proposal was also approved by WSU administration and the WSU Attorney General. Throughout its existence, Clearwater’s relationship with the nationally recognized WSU scuba program underwent repeated reviews by WSU administrators and Attorneys General who recommended only minor modifications to the terms of the relationships such as changes to student handouts. Dr. Moore complied with each and every recommendation from WSU and all parties believed that they were in compliance with ethics laws.

The EEB concluded “that from the beginning of Dr. Moore’s involvement with the WSU Scuba Program and the creation of his outside personal business, Clearwater Company, Dr. Moore has sought and received guidance from WSU management and WSU Attorneys General. Additionally, after every review of the scuba program by WSU management and AG’s, Dr. Moore received new guidelines on his participation as the lead instructor and private outside provider for the equipment. Consistent with the ethics training he received at WSU, Dr. Moore actively sought out, willingly accepted, and followed the guidance provided by WSU management and AG’s. The violations cited herein thus were unintentional on the part of Dr. Moore”.

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