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Mediation is a process for resolving legal disputes through negotiation with the assistance of a neutral third party, called a mediator, who is chosen and hired by the parties to the dispute. The mediator helps the parties assess the risks and costs of litigating a case to trial and the advantages of a negotiated resolution. Mediators often help the parties convey underlying interests and needs that facilitate the crafting of solutions and compromises that can lead to a mutually acceptable settlement ending the legal dispute. Mediation typically entails a full or half day negotiation session between the parties and their attorneys. Mediation can provide a faster, more cost effective and creative resolution to a legal claim as compared to submitting the legal claim to a judge or jury at trial. In fact, federal and state courts require parties in lawsuits to attempt to resolve cases through mediation before allowing the case to proceed to trial.

The attorneys at Frank Freed Subit & Thomas are all skilled in the process of advocating and obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients in mediation. Our attorney Sean Phelan is an experienced and trained mediator who frequently assist other parties involved in legal disputes to resolve their claims in mediation. Sean Phelan continues to build and expand the mediation practice. Sean can be contacted at Frank Freed Subit & Thomas.