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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Under Washington State law, employers are prohibited from considering an employee's sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, when making employment decisions such as hiring, firing, promotions or other terms and conditions of employment. This means that employees have a right to be free from discrimination with respect to the terms and conditions of employment and a right to be free from harassment because they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. In addition, the law protects employees whose expression of their gender identity is non-conforming to traditional roles and stereotypes. The recognition of same- sex marriages also give same sex couples rights to enjoy equal employment benefits, such as health care coverage for family members, as different sex couples.

Discrimination against transgender employees is also a clear violation of Washington State law and, in some cases, under federal law. Transgender and individuals who are gender-nonconforming often confront issues in the workplace related to bathroom access and dress-code policies. The attorneys at Frank Freed Subit and Thomas have passion and experience fighting to protect the rights of employees confronting challenges in the workplace arising from their sexual orientation and gender expression. If you are experiencing discrimination based on sexual orientation, transgender identity or gender non-conforming identity, contact an attorney at Frank Freed Subit & Thomas to discuss your legal rights and possible remedies.