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Race Discrimination

Legal Representation in Seattle

While progress toward equal opportunity in employment has occurred in the past fifty years, racial discrimination persists into the present time and often shows up in the workplace. Federal and Washington State law prohibit discrimination on the basis of race in hiring decisions and in setting the terms and conditions of employment, such as compensation and promotions. It is also illegal to fire someone because of race. We help our clients hold their employers accountable for unlawful hiring and termination practices.

Proving race discrimination requires evidence. Offensive comments of a racial nature or racial slurs in the work place can provide direct evidence of racial bias on the part of an employer. More often we rely on circumstantial evidence to prove discrimination, such as examples of comparable individuals from different races who are treated differently in the same or similar circumstances.

State and federal law have different deadlines for filing a timely claim of discrimination. If you believe you are experiencing racial discrimination at work, contact an attorney at Frank Freed Subit & Thomas for an assessment of your rights and remedies.